The studio morning routine commute 🚴🏻

As the I Am Sam studio is based in the middle of Cardiff City Centre, the team get to do a beautiful daily commute from our family home in Llandaff North. For me, this is not just our trip to work – it’s a really valuable part of the day, where I can clear my mind and plan the day ahead.

The Taff Trail runs pretty much from our front door to the heart of the city. It’s the quickest, most eco-friendly and most scenic way to get to town. Here’s a rundown of what the morning looks like for me:

First off – coffee. I always start my day with a decent cup of the good stuff, before heading out the door, grabbing my bike and making my way to the studio.

The route from home connects straight onto the trail at Llandaff Weir. It’s become part of my routine to stop for a moment to see what the water level is like.

From here, it’s on the straight and narrow to town – of course, taking in the sights on the way.

Past Blackweir brings me to the halfway point. I’ve seen the weir at pretty much every state flow. At times, when there’s been a lot of rain, it’s pretty raging.

Winding through Bute Park brings me right beside Cardiff Castle – still love the fact Cardiff has a castle bang in the middle of town. I mean – how many places have that?

From here, I just cycle straight down Queen Street, swing a right after M&S and I’m on Charles Street and at the studio door. Keeping the studio as green as possible is important to me, so I feel really grateful to be able to cycle to work every day.