Branding an alternativer Salon in Cardiff

Zoe from Cult Salon in Cardiff, Wales came to us before she had a business or premises, but she knew she needed a brand that reflected her alternative, inclusive, vibrant, and super-creative vision. Contemporary, colourful and gender-neutral were key takeaways for the new brand.

We identified that in the majority of salons and hairdressing brands, the visual norm is either female-targeted – Fussy typography, blush colour schemes. Or male-targeted – Often using serif typography, dark colours, and evoking a barbershop vibe.

To stand out from these norms, the new Cult Salon logo and brand had to break from them. Using bold, bright colours to reflect the types of dyes and personalities seen in the salon, we designed a mark that makes a statement

Since the salon’s inception, it has expanded greatly. We’re excited to see how the brand grows with it.

The brand has been featured by Design Rush on their Best Hair Salon Brands 2024 you can also See the full project here.